Lux Content is home to a broad roster of talent. We are Directors, Screenwriters, Makers and Creators. Ultimately, we are storytellers. Lux Content is a place where our artists collaborate with your artists, and together, weave unforgettable stories – stories that captivate, illuminate and motivate.

We are nimble and innovative, making the creative workflow exciting, streamlined and seamless.

Lux Content Directors and Makers have Produced award-winning projects traversing a vast spectrum of mediums, genres and formats from commercials, branded content, music videos, documentaries and feature films. Collectively we have produced on nearly every continent, collaborating with some of the world's most recognizable brands.

At Lux Content, we thrive on navigating the ever-expanding modern media landscape. Yet, while the method of delivery is always the variable, the constant, remains, the story. So it seems fitting, that with its ancient Latin roots, the word Lux is simple, modern and timeless, and poignantly guides our mission – to cast the most brilliant light on your story and illuminate your brand.